Olympus oer aw инструкция скачать: в маенкрафте нармальная графика скачать

Государственная регистрация · Сертификат соответствия · Инструкция по применению "Acecide" Использование средства АСЕСАЙД в репроцессорах «OER-А» и «OER-AW» в соответствии с руководствами по эксплуатации установок для обеззараживания эндоскопов OLYMPUS OER-А и OER-AW. Hank you for attending the Olympus Australia Endoscope Cleaning and. Maintenance The leak test procedure is described in detail on page 15 of this manual. A (7) Detach the AW channel cleaning adapter, suction valve and biopsy. Sep 21, 2011 Your Vision, Our Future. ENDOSCOPE REPROCESSOR. OER-AW OLYMPUS Endoscope Reprocessor Modified Manual Cleaning. The OER-AW Endoscope Reprocessor has been test validated to offer a flushing function that eliminates the need for the manual flushing of the endoscopes.

Refer to the endoscope's companion manual, the “OPERATION MANUAL” with your endoscope model listed on the AW channel cleaning adapter (MH-948) an Olympus-recommended endoscope reprocessor such as OER,. OER-A. Endoscope Reprocessor OER-AW OER-AW. Built-in sensors; Inner design stays clean; Hands-free operation. Brochure Manual Disinfector TD-20. Home; Download Brochure. Contents start. Download Brochure Pump OFP-2 · Pump HysteroFlow / HysteroBalance II · Endoscope Reprocessor OER-AW. Download: Endoscope Reprocessor with RFID Users Manual Manual (P1-P114) Olympus USA: CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. ENDOSCOPE REPROCESSOR OER-Pro Operation Manual When using the disinfectant solution and alcohol, Olympus recommends.

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